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Pool Pole Adapter

In Stock.

Our one of a kind pool pole adapter is manufactured to fit a standard telescoping pool pole from your local hardware store. The adapter will allow you to interchange gig heads with all of our hybrid frog and flounder gigs. The adapter is made of aluminum, machined to size for easy of installation, and hand made in the USA. We take great pride in our products and only want to manufacture the best. The aluminum pool pole adapter has some very special features.   

1. The adapter has a 5/16 threaded end allowing you to purchase any of our hybrid gig heads or our traditional cone style gig heads.
2. The pole end will allow you to mount the adapter on a typical pool pole from your local hardware store.
3. Constructed of aluminum makes the adapter light weight.


Product Details

Gig Prong Length  
Gig Prong Size  
Gig Cone Length  
Gig Cone End  
Gig Cone Screw Hole Diameter  
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