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Flounder Gigging

While it is often passed over as a good way to catch flounder, flounder gigging is actually quite effective and, in many people’s opinion, one of the best ways to catch what most folks consider to be the best tasting fish on the East Coast.
Because flounder feed in shallow waters and mostly at night, it’s best to go flounder gigging at night and stay close to the water’s edge.  In fact, since flounder are fond of extremely shallow water and often only need a few inches to settle in and do some fishing of their own (they gotta’ eat too), you don’t need a big boat to get them or to go out very far into the water.  Boating at night can be an awful lot of fun too, and many fishermen consider flounder gigging to be one of the best ways to catch flounder.
Floundering Lights Most flounder gigging experts will tell you that you should keep close to the bank of any bayou, inlet, creek or lagoon that you are fishing in as flounder will generally immersed themselves in the sand, mud or shell found at the bottom.  One thing to keep in mind is that most of the time flounder will face the same way that the tide is running.  Also, keep in mind that flounder, just like any other fish, will generally tend to be most abundant in areas where there is plenty of food for them to eat. Flounder ambush their prey so if you find yourself in an area that is abundant in small bait fish or shrimp you are likely to find flounder. Flounder gigging is actually quite simple and, once the lights are on, most people will just use a gig pole to push the boat along and, when they spot the flounder, quickly gig it near the head to avoid messing up the meat.  The keys to successful flounder gigging trip is to have a very good lighting system on your boat.  The more light that you have the better, and if you are serious about floundering you will equip your boat with powerful lights.  If you don’t have a boat you can still harvest flounder by walking, or wading in shallow water with a light and gig.  
The above is what you can expect to see with a quality set of floundering lights. Flounder Gigging
Wading for flounder next to the shore.
One of the best reasons to go flounder gigging is simply to enjoy the beautiful saltwater habit the coast line provides.  At night the bays, bayou’s, inlets, and creeks take on a new look under the powerful floundering lights.  The saltwater habit you will experience at times can be breathtaking.  For a short time you will experience the bay as your own personal aquarium abundant with all types of sea life in their natural habitat.  By going at night you get the added benefit of being able to escape the oppressive summer heat that can make fishing rather unbearable.

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