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ProGigs is a family owned and operated business that has been in the manufacturing industry for over 34 years.  Local product demand sparked interest for ProGigs to provide their products online for all to enjoy, so brothers Isaac and Chris Holden did just that and started ProGigs, LLC. 
For years they have been avid hunters and fishermen and love nothing more than being in the great outdoors. They believe their passion for hunting and fishing shines through in their superior product line.  They want you to know these products are not made on an assembly line, but instead are manufactured and assembled with their own two hands and made of materials that will last.  Most of all Isaac and Chris stand behind their work. If you have a problem, rest assured they will do their best to resolve the issue quickly.

Note From Owners:

At ProGigs we know your success is our success, and we aim to deliver top quality products and service. 
Thank you,
Isaac and Chris Holden

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